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Updated: Apr 29

Dr. Denny Chiu, D.C, L.Ac, Q.M.E, C.C.S.P

Sciatica has been a widely misused term that is to identify back pain and pain down to the leg. A true sciatica condition refers to the irritation of the sciatica nerve by either disc bulge, disc inflammation, joint inflammation, muscle inflammation or spasm of the muscle. However, there are also many other causes that can produce pain from the back to the leg. Conditions such as trigger points in the gluteal muscles, Sacroiliitis, or hip disorder. In most cases, there are combinations of causes that can result in back pain with pain down to the leg and it is important to get it properly diagnosed with a healthcare professional that is trained to diagnose and treat such conditions.

Dr. Denny Chiu, D.C, L.Ac, Q.M.E, C.C.S.P

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